๐ŸŒฏSummer Rolls


  • Rice paper + bowl with water to soften them

  • cooked chicken or planted substitute

  • noodles

  • pepperoni

  • carrots

  • cucumber

  • peanut butter

  • soy sauce

  • garlic

  • and potentially other stuff for sauce


  • Cook ingredients that need cooking

  • Cut other filling ingredients into finger long strips

  • Prepare sauce (google exact recipe)

  • Put cooked and cut ingredients into bowls

  • Prepare bowl with water to wet rice paper

How to eat

  • Wet rice paper in water bowl so that it gets soft

  • Place on plate and put ingredients from bowl on one side, not too much

  • Put sauce on it

  • Fold like a burrito: Middle side first, upper and lower sides, then roll

  • Sauce can also be used for dipping


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