๐Ÿ’กKnowledge Management

Second Brain

Building A Second Brain is a methodology for saving and systematically reminding us of the ideas, inspirations, insights, and connections weโ€™ve gained through our experience. It expands our memory and our intellect using the modern tools of technology and networks. (source)

I use Notion as my second brain. If you'd like to learn more about starting a second brain, this video by Ali Abdaal is a good introduction into the topic.

Digital Garden

Similar to a second brain but public. This page is my digital garden. It's made with gitbook.

A garden is something inbetween a personal blog and a wiki. It's a collection of evolving notes, essays, and ideas that aren't strictly organised by their publication date. They're inherently exploratory โ€“ posts are linked through contextual associations. (source)

Other people that have personal wikis / Inspiration for this site:

For software see Note Taking

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