Inn Game

The Inn Game is currently looked in my PeiramaVR repository. Peirama mean experiment in greek.


The game is inspired by the fantasy story web series "The Wandering Inn". The basic idea is that you're running an inn where you have to make food and deal with customers.

Gameplay Loop(s)

The core gameplay loop "Run the inn" is structured into several sub loops that the player can participate in at will. The player finds the inn in a non functional state, dusty, broken tools, skeleton etc. The player can then repair the inn and open it for customers. Customers will leave the inn dirty again so the player will have to do some maintenance. Additional goblins may attack occasionally requiring the player to defend the inn. Other "events" are possible too.

The main focus is that any "work" is physical and fun. E.g. cleaning requires sweeping a virtual broom. Serving customers mean creating a dish (potentially different outcomes on what food you serve) and bringing it over to a customer sitting at a table.

There is also a discovery component involved. The game should not prompt you to take certain actions by showing you a tutorial/wall of text. Instead the players sees e.g. the dirt and a nearby broom glowing slightly. And if the player does not clean up the dirt customers may complain about it. So the player learns to deal with the dirt.

  • Run the inn (Core Gameplay Loop)

    • Clean the inn

      • Use broom to clean up piles of dirt

      • remove bodies (e.g. dead goblins) from the inn by dragging them outside

    • Serve customers

      • Switch open/closed sign outside of inn to attract customers

        • customers come in and demand food or drinks

        • prepare food in kitchen

          • combine various ingredients -> bad combinations may result in unhappy customers

        • bring food to customer & collect pay

    • Defend inn

      • various threats may put the inn in danger, e.g. goblin raid, spider attack

        • kill attackers

    • Gather ingredients

      • some ingredients may run out, e.g. firewood, water, mushrooms etc.

        • gather firewood by cutting down trees

          • make fire in oven

        • gather water from well

        • gather mushrooms or other food items


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