Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is about preparing for any event that has a negative impact on a company's business.

Strategy: Backup & Restore

Create a backup and restore the entire backup by starting up a new infrastructure.

Pilot Light

Create a backup and keep downscaled core services running for a faster startup.

Warm Standby

Create a backup and keep a downscaled version of the entire environment running. In the event of a disaster the environment is scaled up.

Multi Site

The entire environment is deployed into multiple locations. If a disaster occurs a failover to the other location happens. This has the shortest time to recovery but is the most expensive.

How to choose

  • RTO: Recovery Time Objective

    The time it takes to get the systems back up and running to their ideal state.

  • RPO: Recovery Point Objective

    The amount of data loss (in terms of time) for a prod system during the disaster event.

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