Relational Database Service

RDS is deployed on a EC2 instance. You choose which DB engine (PostgreSQL, mySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, MariaDB, Amazon Aurora etc.) It takes over the following tasks:

  • software upgrades

  • nightly db backups (window can be chosen by user, stored between 1-35 days)

  • system health monitoring

RDS support multi-AZ (availability zone) deployments. If enabled a DB will be replicated to a different AZ.

RDS also supports the creation of a Read Replica of the database. It is eventually consistent with the source db.

Creating a database

  1. Navigate to RDS

  2. Create database

  3. Choose engine & version

  4. Chose template (prod, dev/test, free)

  5. Choose VPC

  6. Public access: in prod this should be no

  7. Create new security group

  8. Create


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