๐ŸŽฎVirtual Reality

I own a Oculus Quest 2 headset which I use regularly to play BeatSaber and other VR games.

I do get affected by motion sickness in VR games where a lot of joystick movement is required so I mostly enjoy playing games that are room-scale or have good motion-sickness suppressing movement strategies implemented. A game with excellent movement is for example "Until you fall".

You can find my rank playing custom songs on ScoreSaber.

Favourite PC VR Games

  • Half-Life Alyx: The best VR game out at the moment. Interesting story-based shooter with great graphics, physics, puzzles and everything that makes a AAA game. Supports room-scale, played it standing.

  • Lone Echo: This game made me feel like I'm actually in space. Great graphics, cool story that starts out a bit slow but gets really exciting by the end, almost perfect simulation of manoeuvring in space. Supports room-scale, but played it sitting because you use your hands to move around mostly anyway.

Great games for the Oculus Quest

  • BeatSaber: Probably my favourite game of all time and the "killer-app" of VR.

  • Until you fall: Enjoyable hack & slash rogue-lite game.

  • FitXR: A great virtual workout. Although less fun then BeatSaber it still gets me moving when I don't want to leave the building for a workout.

  • In death unchained: Archery rogue-lite game set in a version of heaven & purgatory. Has excellent replay value and fairly good movement controls.



Oculus Quest (Standalone)

Where to get custom songs

  • BSaber: Best site to download & install custom songs. If you're using the Mod Manager for PCVR you can one-click install songs directly to BeatSaber. If you play on a modded Quest version it's best to download the songs normally and then upload them all at once into the web interface of BMBF.

    • There's also a lot of low quality / weird maps on BSaber so it's best to always sort them by "TOP" to get the highest upvoted songs first. If you're just getting started go through the All-time top songs first, there's a ton of good ones.

  • Ranked songs: Scoresaber will only give you points for playing ranked songs. Generally these are maps that have a high quality and have been reviewed and ranked by difficulty. To find ranked songs you can check the "ranked" box on BSaber.

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