Amazon Machine Image


  • Public: Everyone can see and use them

  • Explicit: You can allow specific users to see them

  • Implicit: Private

This is not the same as publishing them to the AMI marketplace though.


  • EC2 has a limit on the maximum number of running instances per region.

  • There are a lot of limits, they can be viewed via EC2 -> Limits.

  • If needed you can ask AWS to raise the limits.

  • All AMIs are region specific

  • The max number of AMIs is 10'000 since they're using EBS snapshots.

Creating an AMI

  1. Load EC2 dashboard

  2. Go to instances and select instance

  3. Actions -> Images and Templates -> Create Image

  4. Give it a name & create

Launch own AMI

  1. Load EC2 dashboard

  2. Launch instances

  3. My AMIs

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