๐Ÿ“ˆQuantified Self

Quantified self refers to self-tracking with technology in order to improve oneself and/or various aspects of life.

I use InfluxDB, a time series database in combination with Grafana and Home Assistant to track various personal metrics.

Data that I'm tracking in InfluxDB:

Data that I'm tracking elsewhere:


  • Exist.io: I got started with the topic of quantified self via Exist.io. It aggregates the data of a variety of services (Apple Health, Todoist, RescueTime etc.) and determines correlation off that data. Sadly the devs got burned out from developing the product and are currently looking to sell. For that reason I've migrated my data to my own solution with InfluxDB, Grafana and Home Assistant.

  • Gyrosco.pe: A service similar to Exist.io but more closed sourced. They're claiming to use AI to coach you and provide insights into your data. But from the brief time that I've used it I've found it to not be very helpful. And unlike Exist.io I doesn't have a public API that allows access to your own data. What I do like tho is that they offered to print a yearly book of your data which looked quite cool. Although the book is also fairly expensive so I've never done that.

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