๐Ÿš€Space Sector

In my opinion it's a great time to invest into space companies, the field is still very young and there are few investable companies. Building rockets and space infrastructure is also a hard problem where it's easy to observe (from the outside) the success condition. Either you get into orbit or you don't.

Public space companies

  • RocketLab, $RKLB: has small re-usable orbital rocket (electron), large rocket in development, has successful launches, also builds satellites and other space infrastructure

  • Redwire Space, $RDW: US startup, builds space infrastructure, satellites etc. has many subsidiaries that focus on specific space infrastructure (e.g. 3D printing in space, thermal shielding technologies etc.)

  • Mynaric, $MYNA: German startup, builds laser communication devices for communication between satellites and/or ground stations.

Private space companies

  • Space X: leader in rocket launches, highly proven and re-usable, sadly not publicly traded, investments only possible with Alphabet and similar stakeholders

  • Relativity Space: US startup that 3D prints re-usable rockets, no successful launches yet but seems very promising


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