Germany, a central European country, is known for its strong economy, rich cultural history, technological innovations, and landmarks like the Brandenburg Gate and Neuschwanstein Castle.

Theme park near Cologne (Kรถln). Is smaller than Europa Park in comparison of park land mass but has bunch more "fast" rollercoasters. Very nicely themed, definitely worth a visit.

The resort hotels are quite nice. During my visit in may 2022 I stayed at the Hotel Charles Lindbergh, which has a nice steampunk theme. The stay/park combination offerings are also fairly attractive. The one at Charles Lindbergh includes a breakfast and 3 course dinner which was quite nice. The dinner is as well nicely themed for the steampunk area the hotel is in and consists of a choice of burgers or pasta, optionally vegan. The breakfast is mostly standard European, although there are some specialty chocolate spreads to put on bread.

The park itself is very nicely themed with lots of rides. During a typical non-holiday weekend the wait times are acceptable between 5-30min per ride. Event though the park is fairly compact in land mass there's lots of stuff to do. If you want to ride every ride you'll have trouble to fit it all in a day. 2 day stays are ideal I think.


  • New Town Hall ("Neues Ratshaus"): City viewpoint & strange curved elevator. (see: Tom Scott YT)

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