High Protein Diet

  • How much protein is too much?

    • tldr; Typically it's recommended to consume 0.8g protein per kg of bodyweight. However a healthy person can probably consume up to 2g protein per kg without negative effects. So the range would be between 60g - 150g of protein per day for a person weighing 75kg. What also matters is the kind of protein consumed. Healthier options are: low-fat dairy products (typical supplements), fish, nuts, beans and lean chicken. Red meat should be consumed in moderation.


  • What is Creatine?

    • Creatine is naturally produced by the body, however only in limited quantities

    • When muscles need immediate strength they consume ATP, in order to re-fill ATP fast creatine stored in the muscles is used.

    • Having enough creatine available enables you to lift higher loads or do more reps. It is however not directly useful for endurance workouts.

    • When supplementing creatine how much is recommended?

      • General rule 3g/day or 0.03g * body weight in kg

      • Don't consume with food as the fats may hinder absorption

      • When taking up creatine, it may make sense to initially have a loading phase with increase creatine intake to fill up the stores faster

        • Rec: 20g/day for 5-7days

        • While loading it may also make sense to increase protein intake to improve absorption

      • it its important to stay hydrated for the best effect & absorption

    • It is helpful to take creatine every day even on rest day since the body can only store so much per day in the muscles and it is useful to fill up stores for when you need them.

    • Creatine goes along with gaining weight because muscles store more water in their cells when supplementing creatine. This water increases weight but since it is neither fat nor muscle tissue it doesn't really matter.

    • Supposedly creatine also helps the brain as the brain is also a big consumer of ATP. There may be several health benefits regarding Alzheimers and similar diseases.

    • There is no known benefit to cycle creatine supplementation


  • 6 Ways to Rewire Your Brain

    • Video games: improve problem solving, motor coordination, memory & reaction time, resilience on failure, cooperation and team participation. Depends on the game.

    • Learn new language: boost gray matter

    • Travel: inspiration, communication, creativity

    • Exercise: General health and better sleep, brain connectivity

    • Art: creativity and cognitive abilities, better cognitive function overall, unfocousing -> interrupt unwanted habits

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