iOS is Apple's mobile operating system for iPhone and iPad, known for its user-friendly interface, robust security, and extensive app ecosystem.

Useful apps

  • Apple Shortcuts: Build mini apps & automate workflows right on the iPhone

  • Duolingo: Learn languages

  • Health Auto Export: Export Apple Health data as CSV, JSON or to a REST endpoint. I use it to export Apple Health data to my own InfluxDB.

  • Prologue: Audiobook player for Plex

  • Telegram: my preferred chat client

  • Whatsapp: H*s preferred chat client

  • VLC: video player that plays everything

  • Gmail: my preferred email client, although I still miss Inbox

  • Google Maps: Maps duh! ๐Ÿ˜„

  • Google Chrome: Although all browsers on iOS use the same engine, I prefer this over Safari due to it syncing my bookmarks and other Google services.

  • Google Calendar: The best calendar service.

  • Google Keep: I use this as my shopping list app since it integrates with Google Home. Google Keep has a nice clean user interface and it can be used for other kinds of notes and lists as well. Although personally I mainly use Notion for this kind of data.

  • Pocket: Read-later news aggregator service. Useful to mark articles, blog posts and videos to consume later.

  • Notion: Universal notes app that can be configured extensively to personal taste. I use this as my private second brain. See also SaaS -> Notion.

  • X: World news, local news & discussions. Diverse viewpoints.

  • Spotify: The best music streaming app. It's literally the only one that does a good job of handing over streams between multiple computers, smart speakers and phones.

  • BeReal: Social media app where you post a picture once a day at a random time defined by the service.

  • TooGoodToGo: Services that matches food that is about to expire with customers. You can buy the food at heavily reduced prices making it both a bargain and also helps to reduce food waste.

  • Delta Emulator: NES, SNES, N64, GBC, GBA, DS emulator for iOS. Used to be only available via sideloading but is now available in the app store.

  • CapCut: Video editing tool with nice transitions and some good ML utilities. Developed by Bytedance (Makers of TikTok).

  • Streaks: Describes itself as a habit-forming todolist. I've evaluated a few such habit-forming apps and ended up with Streaks. The app is really nicely made, they've even received an apple design award. But even more importantly it's a one-time buy for 5$ without any other strings/subscriptions attached. It also integrates nicely with Apple Health & Shortcuts, e.g. automatically complete a fitness habit when a certain health condition is reached.

  • AltStore: Alternative app-store for iOS via self-signed developer certificates. Does not require jailbreaking. Self-signed certificates only last for a week and need to be refreshed often. Alternatively a service like Signulous can be used that signs app with a developer certificate so that they are valid for up to a year.

  • Signulous: App signing and side-loading app store for iOS. Also works with UDIDs from UDID-Registration.com. Apps installed via Signulous are valid for up to a year.

Swiss apps

These apps are probably only relevant for people living in Switzerland.

  • SBB Preview: Ticket & timetable app for swiss public transport. The preview version has the latest feature before the regular version.

  • VoteInfo: Infos and results from votes in Switzerland

  • AlertSwiss: Warnings and information about bad things happening (covid, landslides, fire warnings, flood warnings etc.)

  • MeteoSwiss: Accurate local weather information

  • Neon: Swiss neo bank. Referral code: Q1LCYX

  • Stocard: Universal app to keep reward cards of swiss stores, e.g. Coop, Migros etc.

  • MyPuls Board: Swiss survey service. Participate in surveys about health insurance, banking etc. and earn reward points that can be exchanged for Zalando, Spotify, Apple, Google, Netflix and other giftcards. The surveys pay fairly well (e.g. 800pt for quick survey about health care -> 8 CHF). I can finance my Spotify subscription mostly through just answering a survey every now and then. -> Sign up via this referral link for some free bonus points.

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