AWS Developer Services

AWS CodeCommit

CodeCommit is a managed git source code repository, like for example GitHub. Access can be controlled with IAM policies.

AWS CodeBuild

Build / Continuous integration service, e.g. like Jenkins. The service is fully managed, so you're charged per minute for the used compute resources.

AWS CodeDeploy

Takes care of deploying built artefacts to AWS services. Deploys to EC2, Fargate (container service), Lambda and on-premise servers. CodeDeploy provides a dashboard where you can see that status and also manually kick of deployments.

AWS CodePipeline

Creates a pipeline of the above three services. Build, test and deploy. It also integrates with GitHub and other developer tools.

AWS CodeStar

CodeStar is a workflow tool that automates the use of the services mentioned above. It creates a complete continuous delivery toolchain for custom applications.

It also provides custom dashboards and configurations in the AWS Console.

You are only charged for the leveraged services. CodeStar itself is free.

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